Thursday, August 17, 2017

Meet Richard!

D. Duckie Rodriguez is cast to play RICHARD CULTRY in The Family Way.

Richard is the patriarch of the Cultry family. Calm, cool, and calculating… and nothing gets past him.

In his younger years, Richard was quite the charmer while running his gasoline station. What lonely woman wouldn’t be flattered by the suggestive smile of the well-to-do man in a one-horse town? But his romantic flings never lasted very long, at least not until he met Sue.

Nowadays Richard is comfortably settled down in his role as a family man. He’s got a fine life with his wife and two sons, plus the young man that he saved from a bad siltation a few years ago. He keeps his gas station stocked with anything that a farmer could want. It’s no wonder that everyone in town thinks of him as a pillar of the community.

Of course, nobody in town knows that Richard also provides for his family by using some of his old tricks on the occasional weary travelers.

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