Thursday, August 24, 2017

Meet Tony!

Gregory Lee Cason is cast to play TONY CANON in The Family Way.

Tony is certainly on his way up in the world. He has a lucrative job with plenty of room for advancement, a nice starter-level home in just the right neighborhood, and a very beautiful wife named Vivian.

Unfortunately, Vivian doesn’t seem to understand that appearances are very important when climbing the ladder to success. She has become an endless source of embarrassment to Tony and he’s going to change that by any means possible. Even if it means picking out her clothes and shaming her into submission.

It doesn’t help that Vivian is fiercely devoted to her loser brother Greg. Tony would prefer it if Greg would do them all the courtesy of dropping off the face of the earth. As luck would have it, the young man is getting ready to tie the knot and has a baby on the way which should put some distance between them. While it’s not Tony’s ideal vacation, he agrees to drive the whole gang to Las Vegas to get this ball rolling.

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