Monday, January 15, 2018

Meet Jessica!

Catherine Corcoran is cast to play JESSICA FLOUNCE in The Family Way.

Gorgeous Jessica has a plan. Tired of being bedded and then discarded by movie producers while she tries to advance her career, she’s decided to hitch her wagon to a rising star and let him pull her right into the limelight.

Her rising star? None other then Greg Wellis, the handsome young leading actor she met while filming what is sure to be the next big action movie.

Of course, hooking a man is easy for Jessica, but getting him onto the boat for the longterm has always proven to be difficult. Especially with someone like Greg who is obviously enjoying the freedom of bachelorhood. But once she found out about his terrible childhood in a broken home, she knew that the key was to offer him a chance to have a better family with a child on the way. She just wishes that Greg hadn’t been so insistent on having his sister Vivian join them on their long road trip to Las Vegas.

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