Friday, September 1, 2017

Meet Young Crawford!

Blayze Hippensteel is cast to play YOUNG CRAWFORD BENNINGTON in The Family Way.

As a teenager, Crawford (or “Craw”, as he likes to be called) had enough of being bullied at school. He knew he couldn’t take on the popular jock in a fight, but his pretty girlfriend was a different story. After leaving the disemboweled body in that backseat of his tormentor’s car, Craw felt a sense of empowerment from killing.

Unfortunately, he was still very young and prone to making a lot of novice mistakes.

But Craw was also very lucky. His sloppy murder spree regularly made national news. This caught the attention of the Cultry family, who had a special way of dealing with kids like him and sought to bring him under their wing.

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