Investment Opportunity

 This investment opportunity is scheduled to end on April 20, 2018.*

Rogue Chimera Films LLC is currently seeking investors for The Family Way feature film using WeFunder, making it one of the very few films using equity crowd-funding platforms.

This is an exciting opportunity that allows people who would normally not qualify as accredited investors to have the ability to actually invest in a motion picture under a revenue-sharing agreement. It works by pooling together many small investors starting at a minimum of $100.00 rather than relying on more traditional film investment platforms where the minimum buy-in amount often exceeds $10,000.00.

This also allows horror genre film fans to join in the excitement and perks of being part of a feature movie with the added possibility of making money from it!

Read all about the project on the Wefinder campaign page for Rogue Chimera Films here:

If you are interested in making an investment in the film, the terms and contract may be viewed by hitting the "INVEST" button on the bottom right side of the campaign page.

* The raising campaign will automatically close when the maximum financing goal has been reached, which means that this opportunity may end sooner than the April 20th deadline.

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