Monday, August 28, 2017

"Coming Home" screening in Tampa, Florida

"The Family Way: Coming Home" will be screening this year at the Halloween Horror Picture Show in Tampa, Florida.

Screening is scheduled for the first shots block (10am-2pm) on Sunday, October 1st.

See the website for all the details: The Halloween Horror Picture Show

Meet Greg!

Meet GREG WELLIS from The Family Way (This character has not yet been cast)

Greg and Vivian had a rough childhood being raised by an abusive mother. After his sister managed to find her way out of the house through marriage, she was able to send him enough money to get himself an apartment and pursue his dream of becoming an actor. A few years later he landed his first leading role and is now set on a track toward stardom.

However, even the best laid plans can go off-course, and in Greg’s case it was finding out that his casual girlfriend Jessica is pregnant. Not wanting to be like his own absent father, Greg has resolved to do the right thing and marry Jessica. He knows that she expects a great deal out of him for her ideal future, and now he’s got no other choice but to do whatever he can to make that happen.

At least Jessica didn’t demand a huge, expensive ceremony. Greg was happily surprised when she agreed to a quick wedding in Las Vegas, and even more surprised to find out that she wasn’t going to invite any of her family attend. Greg only has his beloved sister Vivian and her husband to join them on the trip to Vegas.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Meet Tony!

Gregory Lee Cason is cast to play TONY CANON in The Family Way.

Tony is certainly on his way up in the world. He has a lucrative job with plenty of room for advancement, a nice starter-level home in just the right neighborhood, and a very beautiful wife named Vivian.

Unfortunately, Vivian doesn’t seem to understand that appearances are very important when climbing the ladder to success. She has become an endless source of embarrassment to Tony and he’s going to change that by any means possible. Even if it means picking out her clothes and shaming her into submission.

It doesn’t help that Vivian is fiercely devoted to her loser brother Greg. Tony would prefer it if Greg would do them all the courtesy of dropping off the face of the earth. As luck would have it, the young man is getting ready to tie the knot and has a baby on the way which should put some distance between them. While it’s not Tony’s ideal vacation, he agrees to drive the whole gang to Las Vegas to get this ball rolling.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meet Crawford!

Meet CRAWFORD BENNINGTON from The Family Way (This character has not yet been cast)

For Crawford, life in the Cultry Family is everything he could possibly want. As a teenager he was facing a certain doom while engaging in a little recreational painting using the blood of his victims. However, Richard managed to track him down before the police could.

Now an adult, Crawford is able to indulge in his artwork and other proclivities in a safe environment. In return, he plays the role as a perfectly charming member of the family whenever they have guests over. He knows that he owes everything to Richard, and he admires the old man as much as he fears him.

But Crawford’s needs and desires are changing, and that poses more than a few problems for the Cultry household.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Oniros winner!

Congratulations to Nicholas Trivisonno, who played the diabolical teenager "Crawford"!

Meet Richard!

D. Duckie Rodriguez is cast to play RICHARD CULTRY in The Family Way.

Richard is the patriarch of the Cultry family. Calm, cool, and calculating… and nothing gets past him.

In his younger years, Richard was quite the charmer while running his gasoline station. What lonely woman wouldn’t be flattered by the suggestive smile of the well-to-do man in a one-horse town? But his romantic flings never lasted very long, at least not until he met Sue.

Nowadays Richard is comfortably settled down in his role as a family man. He’s got a fine life with his wife and two sons, plus the young man that he saved from a bad siltation a few years ago. He keeps his gas station stocked with anything that a farmer could want. It’s no wonder that everyone in town thinks of him as a pillar of the community.

Of course, nobody in town knows that Richard also provides for his family by using some of his old tricks on the occasional weary travelers.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review from One Film Fan

"Director/co-writer Shiva Rodriguez and co-writer/co-producer/actor D. Duckie Rodriguez very smartly utilize every moment of their 16-minute horror film’s runtime to excellent effect, blasting the viewer with both the sheer brutality of a serial killer’s activities and deranged mind while also illustrating the very calculating intelligence of his initially unknown pursuers, making them just as unhinged and creepy as he is, possibly even more so."

Read the full review here.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Review from Sick Flix

 "For a short film to work, it must get right into the action and immediately pull you in. Fortunately, Coming Home does just that and, right from the cold-open, sets up a world that you want to see more of."

Excerpt of review from Sick Flix.
See the full review here.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet Vivian!

Mel Heflin is cast to play VIVIAN CANON in The Family Way.

Vivian and her brother Greg had a really rough childhood. Abandoned by their father and raised by an abusive and alcoholic mother, Vivian often escaped from her miserable life by creating her own fantasy world. She dreamed of being rescued by a knight in shining armor.

Unfortunately, the knight she found has more than a few dents in his armor.

Vivian’s marriage to Tony has done little more than upgrade her prison cell. Knowing that going back home is the only other option, she takes her husband’s mental and emotional abuse as best she can and still retreats to her fantasy world for solace.

It pains her to know that her brother is about to get into a loveless marriage himself, but she agrees to accompany him on the long road trip to Las Vegas.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Meet Marty!

Meet MARTY CULTRY from The Family Way (This character has not yet been cast)

If Marty had been allowed to continue his life with his real parents, he would have certainly faced the cruelty of children and showered with the sympathy of adults for being a disabled child. But a boy whose mentality would never mature past the age of ten was just what Sue Cultry needed in her life once her own son reached puberty. And she’s kept the apron strings tied tightly around her precious Marty.

Now sixteen years old, Marty has grown into a very sweet and impressionable boy. Eager to please his family, there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for them. Although they might have to remind him about his chores once in a while.

Marty also looks up to his “Uncle Crawford”, and he’s beginning to realize that there is more to being a man then his mother told him.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Review from Rick's Cutting Room

"There is minimal gore and it is appropriate for the scenes. Nothing gratuitous or unnecessarily over-the-top. For an independent project, the editing and other technical aspects are on par with studio productions."  - Rick's Cutting Room

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Women In Horror Film Festival

The Family Way feature screenplay is a finalist in The Women In Horror Film Festival!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Meet Jeffrey!

Nicholas Trivisonno is cast to play JEFFREY CULTRY in The Family Way.

Jeffrey is a bright young man whom any girl in town would count herself lucky to have. It’s too bad that he’s just not interested in any of them.

Of course, everyone in town assumes that he just doesn’t have time to settle down while he’s going to medical school, although they can’t imagine where Jeffrey developed his interest in human anatomy. After all, he never talks about it.

When he’s not in class, Jeffrey helps out his family by giving his father a hand with the yard work and watching over his adopted brother Marty. He doesn’t have many friends, but he really enjoys spending time with his family. Especially when they have guests over.