Prologue Film - Coming Home

"We hope that ‘Coming Home’ is just a pilot episode, or a trailer to an upcoming movie that will change everything we know about films of this kind. Yes, we truly hope so, because what we’ve seen in those fifteen minutes was absolutely astonishing." - Review comment from Feel The Reel.

In May 2017 we debuted a short prologue film called "The Family Way: Coming Home", directed by Shiva Rodriguez with cinematography by Scott Sullivan.

"Coming Home" takes place 10 years prior to the The Family Way story. It was based on the original opening of the feature screenplay that was eventually cut from the final draft.
This is the origin story of Crawford (aka "The Blood Artist") as an angry teenager who begins to lash out against society in the most horrifying ways.

 The story also introduces Richard and Sue Cultry, who have been following the news about the Blood Artist murders and are using the case to teach their young son Jeffrey how to identify and track down a killer.
"Coming Home" stars three actors who are tentatively signed on for the The Family Way.  

Nicholas Trivisonno plays "Crawford", although he is cast to play "Jeffrey" for the feature.

D. Duckie Rodriguez and Lowrie Fawley play their characters "Richard" and "Sue".


Frights, Camera, Action! (2023)
Honorable Mention
Fantasm's Shock Reel Cinema Festival (2022)
Winner - Best Short Film
Nominated - Best Director
13Horror Film Contest (2022)
Honorable Mention
Medusa Film Festival (2022)
Winner - Best Short Horror

Shockfest (2021)
Silver Bullet Selection

Days of the Dead / Reels of the Dead - Atlanta  (2020)
Official Selection

Olympus Film Festival (2019)
Winner - Best Thriller Short  

Central Florida CineFest (2019)
Official Selection

Tampa Bay Screams (2019)
Official Selection
Horror Bowl Film Festival (2019)
Official Selection

Richmond Filmmaker's Showcase (2018)
Winner - Best Editing

Macabre Faire Film Festival (2018)
Winner - Best Screenplay
Nominated - Best Dark Drama

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (2017)
Nominated- Best Horror
Nominated- Best Leading Actor (Nicholas Trivisonno)
Nominated- Best Supporting Actor (D. Duckie Rodriguez)

Things 2 Fear Film Festival (2017)
Honorable Mention

Upstate New York Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection

Oniros Film Awards (2017)
Winner - Best Young Actor (Nicholas Trivisonno)
Nominated - Best Horror Film

AAB International Film Festival (2017)
Winner - Best Director (Shiva Rodriguez)

Spotlight Horror Awards (2017)
Winner - Silver Award

Roma Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection

Hellfire Short Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection 
Pop Ninja Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection
Halloween Horror Picture Show (2017)
Official Selection 

Global Grit Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection 
Women's Only Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection

Miami Independent Monthly Film Festival (2017)
Official Selection
 UK Monthly Film Festival (2017)
 Winner - Best Horror


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Nicholas Trivisonno - "Crawford"
D. Duckie Rodriguez - "Richard"
Lowrie Fawley - "Sue"
Blayze Hippensteel - "Jeffrey"
Alyson Ryskamp - "Kathy"
Kinsey Krutzler - "Sarah"
Emre Orun - "Aaron"

Producers - Lowrie Fawley and D. Duckie Rodriguez
Director - Shiva Rodriguez 
Director of Photography - Scott Sullivan 
Unit Production Manager - Sandra Nye
Audio - Ayla Mackinnon
Art Director - Kira Howe
Key and SFX Makeup - Nicole Sweeney
SFX Props - Shiva Rodriguez
Film Editor - Devin Payne
Trailer Editor - Garo Nigoghossian
Music Score- Justin Katz
Craft Services / Catering- Virginia Jasper
Locations and Camera Assistant - Olivier Wagenheim
Camera Assistant - Steven Cardona
Production Assistant - Eric Clairmont
Production Assistant - Garith Pettibone
SFX Assistant - Jade Weber

Rogue Chimera Films - Producing company
Helix Media Films - Camera/ Audio crew and post production
Siren Productions Media - Art department and SPFX.

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